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Monday, December 19, 2016

Top 5 Types of Gadgets That Will Make You Think You Live In The Future!

Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and gaming systems are still evolving and far from obsolete and coming up with innovative features all the time, we want to give spotlight to the other gadgets that have been bringing the future to the now!

#1 Wearable Technology

The future is wearable. From health tracking necklaces, rings and watches, to watches and glasses that act as an interface to your smartphone (Isn't talking into your watch such a thing of the future!?), to child tracking and communication devices, you will look fashionable while living with technology. We are only a little bit scared that this is the first step towards bionic implants...

#2 Robots

Robots are everywhere. They are building cars, going into space and in our homes. They are the future and as we recognize that working with robots is a skill that will be crucial to the next generation, we are coming up with a variety of robots that kids can interact and play with, learn from, program and even build.

#3 Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is something we've been toying with and waiting on for a long time, but it seems to be finally coming out in a big way with systems like the PlayStation VR, the Microsoft Hololens, and the Oculus Riftt all making big waves.

#4 Crafting/ Home based Manufacturing

Plotting machines are finding their ways into more and more homes and fueling home based businesses, and have been around for over a decade, however a new generation of machines, is taking home crafting to a new level. Machines such as 3D printers or expanded capability plotters such as the Toolbotics are bringing creativity into the 21st century.

# 5 Pet Gadgets

Taking care of our pets can now be a high tech endeavor. From collars that connect to smartphones to monitor such things as activity levels and temperature, to automatic feeders that recognize your pets and their nutritional requirements, to new exercise solutions, to self-cleaning litter boxes, we've seen it all. Your pet will not be left behind in this technological revolution!
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