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Monday, December 19, 2016

Top 5 Phone Features To Look For!

When shopping for a new smartphone, you might get overwhelmed by all the options and features. Is it necessary to drop the cash on the newest and greatest phone, or will a mid-range option work for you?

Though there are other features that will also help your buying decision, we laid out the Top 5 features the average phone user want to prioritize when looking for a phone.

#1 Screen Size

When it came to phone, it used to be that smaller was better, then smartphones came out and they started getting bigger and bigger. But what size is the right size? For most users, the best screen size will be between 4- & 5". This is the optimal size for holding comfort and fitting in your pocket while still seeing the display well enough.

We recommend holding the phone before buying it so hat you can see if you like how it fits in your hand.

#2 Screen Resolution & Screen Quality

Like they say; size is not everything. How easy your phone is on the eye will also depent on the screen's resolution and quality. We recommend to look for a resolution of no less than 1280 X 720p and a pixel density of at least 300ppi.

#3 Camera

Many people want to be able to replace their point and shoot camera with their phones, so the phone camera's performance will matter a lot to them.

Since most phones features camera with lots of megapixels, we recommend paying less attention to the camera features listed on the spec sheet and to judge the camera by searching for reviewers' test pictures and videos. Make sure to look for a few and to look for low light pictures as well as some phone cameras perform phenomenally bad in low light situations.

#4 Battery Life

Unless you plan to be plugged in at all time, battery life will matter to you. There is not many things as frustrating as missing important messages because your phone's battery died before you could plug it in.

Though battery life will get worst over time, you want to give yourself the best start by getting a battery with at least 2000 mAh and 15 hours of talk time.

#5 Phone Storage

With Cloud Storage and expansible storage for files and photos, many people can get away with about 8GB of storage on their phone. However of you will be adding many apps, you might want more storage.
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